(FRR) is owned, and operated since 1996, by Nic Klaassen.

Nic Klaassen, born in Holland in 1942, arrived in South Australia in 1965, with a little knowledge of English and a great deal of energy. To earn a living he did all sorts of manual jobs including cutting trees, assembling cars, picking fruit, store-keeping and being a time-study officer.

His big chance came when his wife Rikie took a full time job, as well as keeping house for a family with three daughters, thus enabling Nic to enrol in an Adult Matriculation course. From there he went on to Adelaide University where he graduated with a major in History and Geography, and a year later completed his Graduate Diploma of Education.

During, and since that time, Nic has travelled widely and developed an intense interest in Australian and South Australian History. When appointed to a teaching post in the Far North of South Australia he was able to pursue his interest in the Flinders Ranges and the Far North. He developed courses in Local History, which were taught to children during the day and adults at night.

Nic has conducted tours of the Far North for secondary students and adults alike. Although now living in Adelaide he has lost none of his interest, and affection, for the North of South Australia.

When Adelaide University introduced a course in Australian Studies, Nic became one of the first to be granted the Graduate Certificate in Australian Studies.

In 1996 Nic resigned from the Education Department to run FRR on a full time basis, including its consultancy, research, publication and computing sections. Apart from articles and books, FRR has also assisted with the Flinders Ranges Heritage Survey, which made extensive use of some of Nic's published material.

Presently FRR is working on a History of Gold Mining in South Australia.

FRR has provided Consultancy Services to Film Companies, State Records, Cambridge University Library, National Gallery of Australia, South Australian Tourism Commission, Northern Regional Development Board and information to local councils, companies and many individuals on particular aspects of the Flinders Ranges or South Australian and Family History.

Nic's CV

Among some of the publications, works or exhibitions, which have made use of Nic's support, ideas, information or just referred to it, are;

Coromandelians, South Australian Pioneers of the Coromandel
by Brian Stace and William Othams, 2021.

A Life of Grace, by Barbara Nelson, 2020.

My Dear Sir, Braddock Family by Gwen Waters, 2019.

Raft, by Howard Goldenberg, 2018.

Indo-Australian Relations, Encounters beyond the state by Phillip Darby 2017.

Leigh Creek Futures by Dr Jane Lomax-Smith AM
and Kylie Heneker, 2016.

Mount Buggery to Nowhere by Eamon Evans, 2016.

A History of Agriculture in SA, Government of SA, PIRSA.

Afghan Cameleers in Australia, Australian Government website, About Australia.

Field Geology Club of South Australia, Geo Hotspots.

Wikiepedia, the free encyclopedia.

Year Book of Australia, 2005, Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Catherine McAuley Library, St Aloysius College.

Seeking Susan-Meeting Marie-Finding Family
by CA Crout-Habel

Birdsville Track Audio Tour by Jackie Stallard

Heritage Report, Prince Alfred Copper Mine Precinct by P Bell.

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggerman, Thief
Stories of the Dunn and Brown families.
Janet McLeod, 2015.

South Australian Genealogist Vol 40 no 2, May 2013.

Dept of Environment, Water and Natural Resources,
Ediacara Conservation Park, Management Plan 2012.

Beltana and beyond, History of Beltana town
& the pastoral far northern Flinders Ranges,
Pamela Raikowski, 2012.

Turning Points, Chapters in South Australian History,
Robert Foster and Paul Sendziuk, 2012.

God, Guns and Government of the Central Australian Frontier
Peter Vallee.

Macclesfield Community History.

South Australian Mining History.

Three Dutch Priests in South Australia, Elizabeth Anderson, October 2006.

Family History of Patricia Scoles, Patricia Scoles, 2010.

Ladies in the Laboratory, Women in Science, M and T Creese, 2010.

The Lost Ship SS Waratah, Searching for the Titanic of the South
P.J. Smith 2009.

Moyle Family History, 1815 On, Including associated families Jenkyn and Statton.
Ian & Ann Moyle, 2009.

A brief History of Australia, by BA West and FT Murphy, 2010.

Australia's Muslim Cameleers, Pioneers of the Inland 1860s-1930s.
by Philip Jones and Anna Kenny.

Hallett Cove Courier, August 2007.

Mr Stuart's Track, The forgotten life of Australia's greatest explorer.
John Bailey, 2006.

Daniel William Field Hatten, A Life 1843-1923 by D&D Stocks, 2011.

Find and Connect, History and Information about Australian Orphanages.

Anti-Racism resources, Global Worlds.

Bayview College Victoria.

James Well & Roques Point Progress Association Inc.

Mungeranie Wetlands, Birdsville Track.

Koonunga District 1840-2003, Then and Now. by Chris Andretzke, 2004.

Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Volume 20.
An excursion guide to the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Edited By: Aikman, A., Lilly, K., Célérier, J., Kovács, I., and Estermann, G.

Victoria Hotel, Shipwreck Bistro, Port MacDonnell.

Simon Nasht, The Last Explorer,
Hubert Wilkins Australia's Unknown Hero

Caloundra Library, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.

Jamieson, Allan - Emerging from the Past.

Nuccaleena Cottage, Orroroo.

Dr L. Duncan - Gremlins of the Mind.

Barry McGowan - Australian Ghost Towns.

Advertiser, Newspapers in Education;
The Kapunda Copper Mine.

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Aird, G. - Beltana Trails.

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South Australian Branch.

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Harvey, J.V. - Arthur Harvey, Land and mining agent, developer and town planner.

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and the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Hukin, R.A. - Dog with one I, A History of the Doig Family of South Australia.

Nicol, Stuart. - Flinders Ranges and Mid North. (RAA)

Davies, M. et al., - Natural History of the Flinders Ranges.
Royal Society of South Australia, 1996.

Carter, J. & Cross, R. - The Nuccaleena Copper Mine,
in Newsletter of the Historical Society of South Australia. July 1999.

Newell, B.R., - Following the Old Ghan Railway Line.

Moon, R. & V., - The Flinders Ranges, An Adventurer's Guide.

Susan Kay, Eclectic Land, Textiles Exhibition, Adelaide Fringe, 2004.

Dutch Courier, June 2006.


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